About us

The true face about Ayurveda is that, this science can’t studied by a single person in a single life. Generation wise Saga were collect the knowledge and share those gist part to their next generation through manuscripts. For mankind they were continuously did practice for eras . Due to that day by day practice it saves its existence and grows globally. Today, people of the whole world know more or less about this India’s unconquerable treatment policy. It is earning faith of people without any deficit.

Since last 35 years Rasayani Ayurveda with the passion to serve humanity, provides nature based solutions for healthy and holistic lifestyle. Just dedicated ourselves to provide high quality remedies instructed in ancient Ayurveda writings.

Through this journal we just want to share something about Ayurveda and its related subjects to make people come contiguous with the natural healing process. Hope it will accepted by Ayurvedic lovers.

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